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Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Keeping the Swimsuit

No swimsuit is going to make these thighs look good, and I have NO idea why I always think that it might. After trying the (super cute) swimsuit on again, I decided in a sarong, it'll look cute! :)

It looks purple? It's Black.

After a full Thursday morning of laundry, online shopping (looking for the perfect BBQ gas grill), tread milling and my physical therapy at home, it was time to go TO the physical therapist for more abuse. I cried while I was there, not like bawling, just teared up a bit. I was so embarrassed. I wasn't crying from pain, just frustration, and apparently feeling a tad emotional?? Loser.

I have completed just over THREE marathons! (Walking of course, over several days.) 81 miles!!

Tess is coming home tonight and staying until Sunday! I haven't seen her since a week after my surgery, and I was in a funk and all doped up when she was here, and her visit was short, so we haven't really been able to hang out together since I rode with her to Dallas in January! We have already filled up the weekend with plans and I am really looking forward to it!

My WW meeting is on Friday mornings. I had to weigh at home this morning. I sadly have a funeral to go to this afternoon, so I had to reschedule a few things and won't be able to go to my meeting this morning. The scale is going down slowly, but I'm still on track! At home scale......167! I had reached 165 several months back, so I am super excited to get to that, then move forward!!

This weekend is going to be a challenge to fit in all that we have planned, and get in my exercise, and get in all of my PT, and stay within my points range while eating out and enjoying a few drinks with my girl, but I'm up for the challenge, and I will stay within my points. The key will be to stick with fruits and veggies and stay away from beer. That almost hurt to type.

Tess is super excited to see Tucker. Me? I'm looking forward to a little more room on the couch while enjoying my coffee Saturday morning. In this picture, I am at the VERY END OF THE COUCH! There they are.....every morning, their little butts right up against my leg. They do love their mom.

I've had three really good nights of sleep. (Thank you drugs.) So I feel rested and I am looking forward to a great weekend!

I hope YOU are too!

Thursdays eats......

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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