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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I was trying to paint a flower......

.......but I think I made a starfish??

So I went with it and made another.....

And now all I can think about is THIS guy!

Patrick Star!

Maybe I'll give the Starfish on my toenails some eyeballs!

It was a day of completing task......besides painting my toenails......

1. After finally receiving all of the medical bills from Tess's car accident, I was able to complete and mail all paperwork.
2. Scheduled exterminator. (First Ant sighting in the kitchen yesterday!)
3. Scheduled Dermatology appointment (I might as well take advantage of already meeting my deductible)
4. Scheduled annual mammogram. (Squish Squash)
5. Picked up tax returns. (Thank you Uncle Sam. Miracles do happen.)
6. Treadmill (Digging the Pink station on Pandora!)
7. Attended a Cabi party where I purchased two gorgeous Spring sweaters! (I wasn't going to buy anything, but at goal weight, these will still look great!)

This one is super thin and light.....and yes, I like it cuz it covers my butt!

This is a super cozy Circle Sweater! Love it!

Tuesday's Eats!

I keep forgetting it takes me a little longer to get ready for things lately. As much as I hate being late, I seem to be showing up late to everything! This feels so appropriate.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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