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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I went in for my medical massage on Wednesday and begged for just a regular, nice, relaxing massage. I feel like Beki, my awesome massage therapist, has done an incredible job of working out those knots that I had and that has allowed me to move forward a little more quickly with my Physical Therapy. I just needed thirty minutes of a nice and relaxing massage. She agreed. After last week working through some tough stuff, I deserved it!

I really dedicated the entire day to healing and weight loss, although I feel like lately that is my life. I pushed myself through all of my "at home exercise", then I took a hot shower and continued therapy in the shower. It seems as though the hot water really does allow my muscles to relax which allows me to stretch just a little bit more. Then I went in for the massage. Then I had a Physical Therapy appointment immediately following that. After explaining how relaxed I was, the therapist thought that would really help me to push myself a bit more. So I did. I went home feeling like I had made a lot of progress from last week. In the afternoon, I again did my "at home" therapy, then did more in a hot shower (I am squeaky clean!), then did the treadmill for an hour at a 7% incline. It was a complete PHYSICAL day dedicated to healing and weight loss. I ended up only eating 25 points (I can have a minimum 26, and I have been eating an allowable 30), but I felt satisfied and am really eager for Fridays weigh in.

It felt like a really full, successful day!

Okay, now for some fun stuff. I love all the vintage refurbished furniture. I found a headboard that I am truly in love with, and I think Mike and I can make this happen!

Here is the one I found that I'd like to copy! Isn't it super cute? Shutters, door panels all hinged together with different finishes!!! This WILL happen!

These are a few other cute ideas I found.......

It's just OLD wood people! How cool is that??


So many decisions.......

But back to may fav......

Wednesdays eats......

I'm not really sure why everything is working so well. I knew prior to surgery I would have to really maintain a positive attitude and stay focused on my health. I wanted post-surgery to be all about my healing and getting stronger and I knew I couldn't face another birthday being disappointed in myself for not reaching my goal weight. Having Roberta be my coach and check in on me via my blog or a text or a phone call has been a huge motivator for me. She has helped me be more aware of myself and my actions. I knew the day she left my house after our first meeting that things were going to work. I had made the decision to move forward and reach my goal weight.

I suppose I write this now because I am close to 165, the lowest I have been in years, and seeing the 170's leave again, and seeing myself move through the 160's is feeling really good.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. You are doing great, and it is all you, Julie. You've made the decision to make this happen and to reach your goal, and each and every action you take and decision you make is getting you closer to that goal. It sounds like you are really healing now, which has to be a huge relief. I'm glad the pain is lessening and that you are getting sleep and starting to feel relaxed and rested. Maybe life will be all (or mostly) about healing and weight loss for a bit longer, but once you get there you'll have so much more fun doing everything else for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! How cool is that????

    Do you have time to get together this weekend? My schedule is fairly flexible, particularly since it is still too cold to plant my veggie garden!

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