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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Most Things ARE on Schedule!

Aside from the scar tissue putting me a bit behind on my Rotator Cuff Surgery Physical Therapy, my weight loss and my goal of walking 200 miles are actually a bit AHEAD of schedule!

I am hoping to see 164 at the scale tomorrow morning at my Weight Watchers meeting, and if I do, it's going to be a pretty big deal! It's a number I haven't seen in years!! I am steadily staying below the green line, and as long as I can keep that up, I will reach my goal on time!

Weight Watchers likes to give public recognition in the meeting for every five pounds lost. I will get my next five pound award at 162, so after being excited about seeing 164, I have 162 to look forward to. That will be 45 pounds! (Since September of 2009)

I have been more consistent than ever about getting on the treadmill. I knew the first day that I walked for an hour at a 7% incline, I had no excuse to not do that each time. I think I have only missed a few (three or four?) scheduled treadmill workouts since the beginning of March, and only a couple of times have I done less than an hour. It certainly seems to be paying off, AND I have now walked 110 miles!!

The date is on the left, so I am actually about nine days ahead of schedule!

Kinda cool, huh?

I have really been focused on The Power Foods and love how I NEVER feel hungry! I also notice how easy it has become to snack on fruits or veggies without thinking twice.

I stopped in Whole Foods for a few items yesterday and ended up looking at all of the fabulous prepared foods before I left. Lots of things looked delicious! The pizza, the pasta, the bread, the cookies and the brownies. I ordered a small container full of something that I thought looked really tasty knowing I would eat it when I got to the car, along with a banana. And I did. They were the best roasted Brussels sprouts I've ever had!! :)
(true story)

Before Whole Foods, I got a haircut and chopped off the back! Growing out super short hair is a constant styling battle!!
(I was on hold here and attempting to multi task)

I do NOT take good selfies!

Wednesdays Eats.....(the last two nights, I have had turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash and marinara topped with a few big chunks of shaved parmesan and REALLY REALLY liked it!)

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. I love the charts!!! Thanks for posting the pictures of them. Wow, you are doing great!