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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy is Best!

The entire day was filled with phone calls, bill paying, preparing things for the tax lady, Physical Therapy, errands and a walk outside! The days are much easier to get through when I fill them up!

I love being able to walk outside. The last few days of walking, I have been trying to pump my arms throughout my walk as a part of my therapy. According to measurements at my PT appointments yesterday, I am improving nicely!

I ate a little more than planned yesterday. I did dig into some leftover breakfast casserole at about 3:00, then still ate dinner. Sometimes I will eat in the afternoon, and skip dinner, or just eat fruit and veggies, but not yesterday. The scale has stayed the same since Friday, and I am not over on my points for the week. As long as I keep on track the next three days with exercise and stay within my points, I should still see the scale go down by Friday.

Lots going on today! Physical Therapy appointment this morning, medical massage following that, tax appointment following that! With 2013 not starting off so great, a HUGE refund would be welcoming news!!

Yesterday's eats.......

When I am able to reach the top of my head with my right hand and style my hair again, I think I want it to look like this!

Whaddya think??

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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