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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My day started at the Physical Therapist office, where Michael, one of the therapist (and a very likable young man),"checked my progress". Michael thinks I may have some scarring tissue building up. He then informed me that he would would work on "breaking that up" during my one hour appointment and I probably wouldn't like him very much when I left.

I informed Michael that telling me "breaking that up" was a really poor choice of words and could we please call it......"Stretching"?

He then agreed that he had really used a poor choice of words, then proceeded to "stretch" me like crazy, and it was very apparent that he was indeed "breaking that up". I had decided that I did not like Michael any longer.

I told him that I had a medical massage scheduled immediately after our appointment. He then discovered a few more knots that are making physical therapy difficult, and he told me to have the massage therapist work on those. Basically, he was telling me to have her "break those knots up", which I did tell her, and which she did. Now I don't like my Physical Therapist OR my Massage Therapist.

I came home and iced.

I really had to push myself to treadmill later in the afternoon. I did my hour, but only put the incline at 3%, instead of 7%. When I got off the treadmill, I then pushed myself to do my "at home exercises" for physical therapy. (I don't know how I would write today's post without the use of "quotation marks"!)

I pushed through the exercises, and even though I know I didn't mean it, it was the first day since surgery that I had regretted having it. I said I wouldn't complain anymore about pain and frustration and all the negativity surrounding recovery and healing, but it was just a really long, painful and frustrating day. On a positive note, I did NOT turn to food for a temporary fix to make myself feel better, but I did let myself have a small meltdown, in which Mike called right in the middle of. I answered.


"Are you okay, honey?"

"Noooooooo......sniff sniff.....uh....uh.....I......I.....I'm just really...(deep breath)...really.....hard dayyyyyyyyyy.......sniff sniff."

Then he made me feel better. Then I washed my face. Then I met him and we had our taxes done. Then we went to dinner. Then I came home and took a hot shower until all the hot water was gone. Then I died, for like NINE hours. So at least things ended well. If I wouldn't have gotten any sleep last night, I would have been a REAL BEAR today!

Not only did I not use food to make myself feel better, I didn't eat all of my points and I did make myself exercise, so I felt like I actually had a very successful day in just "dealing" with what the day had presented to me, like it or not.

I am hoping to feel like THIS guy today!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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