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Thursday, June 6, 2013


I haven't posted a blog for almost a full week!! I decided not to blog while on this trip, and I just focused on relaxing and having a good long weekend with Mike and our friends.

Um......we had a BLAST!

As usual, lots of clowning around.

We saw "Silver Man" every day!!! I wonder what his skin must look like after putting that silver paint on it daily???


We did a little sight seeing........

And then a little more..........

We saw Elvis!! (Not the real one, just to be clear.)

Laura and Lissa bought matching boots!!! Um...... where there's a sale, they'll find it!!

And as usual, vacation prop pictures!!

The gang......

We didn't miss a photo op, but I would really hate to bore you if I posted all 300 ridiculous pictures.

Your welcome.

We hadn't been to Nashville before, but we are going back for certain! Too much to see and do to get it all in, even on a long weekend.

Okay, It was my goal to be at 160 by May 31st.

I weighed 163.

While in Nashville, I ate well and chose vodka/soda's over beer on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday, a mysterious spirit took over my body and I drank beer.....a lot of beer......possibly too many beers. I'd really like to blame somebody, but there is no one to blame, so I'll accept responsibility and also tell you that I had a REALLY good time on Sunday and we were up until 5:00 am in the lobby of the hotel playing telephone, and I believe there was a pizza delivery at 4:00 am, which I not only participated in, but might possibly have initiated. Playing telephone (whisper a sentence into your neighbors ear, they pass it on, then see if the sentence has changed at the end of the circle, all while acting like you are five years old) after too many beers is a highly recommended activity, especially at 4:00 to 5:00 am in a hotel lobby. You too, will laugh so hard, you will pee your pants. I did. Twice.

Now? It's crunch time. My chart is holding me accountable, and in order to continue with my weight loss and reach my goal, I can not lose my motivation, and I certainly took a break from my healthier choices for a few days. Back to seriousness!

Since completing my 200 miles of walking, I have decided that I need to come up with some new fitness goals for myself. I will post my chart tomorrow, as I am making it tonight. I am making a three month plan, which will end on August 30th, when I will be at my goal weight!

I have also decided to go back to taking pictures of my food and giving a few extra details about what I am eating.

It is extremely important for me to not lose my focus as I reach 160 and move into the 150's!

It is going to be a great month!!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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