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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Very Sad Day......

I received some really sad news yesterday morning. A friend of mine, that I have known since grade school, lost her husband this weekend. It was unexpected, and I haven't been able to think of anything except for her and her children since I found out.

Throughout the day, I forgot to take most of my photos, and I did not exercise. The visitation was last night, and the funeral is today. I assume my mind will be mostly on her and her family throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend.

My blog will be short today, but I did seem to get the blogging kinks worked out!



Not Pictured Salad


Snacks, not pictured

Dinner (same as yesterday)

Refresh...I can eat 26 points a day.
I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.
I have an allowance of 49 points that I can dip into if I chose.
I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

The food I ate and it's PPV

Breakfast = Coffee with Milk, Egg Beaters with Cheese, Strawberries (3)
Lunch = Grilled Chicken Salad (12)
Snack = WW Vanilla Smoothie with PB2 Chocolate and 1 Frozen Banana (3)
Snacks = I munched on things all afternoon. I tried to keep it light.
Almonds, WW Mini Fudge Bar, Greek Yogurt, Apple Cinnamon Sticks (7)
Dinner = 1/2 Sweet Potato topped with Turkey Chili (8)

Total = 33

Today's Exercise = none

How many glasses of water I drank today = 12
Activity Points Earned Today = 0
Activity Points Earned This Week = 26
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 22
ALCOHOL consumption = NONE

I was emotional yesterday afternoon, and snacked too much. Then last night I came home and ate dinner at 10:00, and really wish I wouldn't have. Today will be much of the same emotions, but I plan to focus on three meals, and only fruits or vegetables as snacks, and I will exercise this afternoon after the funeral. I need to be down one pound at tomorrow mornings weigh in.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. My heart goes out to her, her children, and you.