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Friday, June 7, 2013

Charts, Graphs, Facts........

So, Nashville and Memorial Weekend at the lake caught up with me, and again I complain about the same thing, over and over and over again. And honestly, one of my GREATEST pet peeves is someone who complains over and over again about the same thing, and then doesn't make the necessary changes to fix the problem. Drives me CRAZY!!! So here I am, doing EXACTLY what drives me crazy in other people.

Today's weight......164.0.

When I brought in Roberta, my "coach" and "sponsor", we made charts.

I had 26 weeks to lose 23 pounds.

I now have 12 weeks to lose 14 pounds, so I have lost weight, but not as rapidly as I need to in order to make my time line.

Roberta had initially suggested, that in order to reach my goal, I should schedule only two times a month that I allow myself to drink "adult" beverages. I didn't like that idea. Too many restrictions. But in all actuality, I know my party habits that I thoroughly enjoy, are slowing down my weight loss. So I have decided to go along with her plan for the next 12 weeks. We have a scheduled meeting for Sunday morning so she can slap some sense into me.

Last night I made a new fitness chart that will not only include walking 300 miles over the next 12 weeks, but will also include 25 crunches/abdominal exercise for every mile walked that day, and 1 plank/core exercise for every mile walked that day. I still plan to exercise 6 days a week with Friday being my scheduled day off. I will continue my Physical Therapy at home every day, and put a check mark in the box for the next 84 days!

(I still have two weeks left of going to the physical therapist, with my final follow up with the surgeon at the end of next week. I still can't put my right hand behind my back, and I am limited on some things, but apparently, this is normal. Full recovery expected at 6 to 12 months post surgery.)

Here is my chart that I completed at the end of May that included walking just over 200 miles.

My new chart.........

I walked on Thursday.....forever!!!!

Just over two hours......

At an average pace of 3.5 MPH, lots of hills along Nall Avenue.

Over 12,000 steps!!!

For a distance of just over 7.3 miles!!!!!
(Then I came home and walked the mutts for a half of mile.)

Tomorrow my blog will again include my daily detailed menu with a few food photos added in. I kinda miss that part of the blogging process, and I am hoping it will be helpful to those wanting to lose weight, maintain their weight loss, or just help out a few people with meal ideas.


"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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