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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Visit To See Tess!

Tess has been at Southwest Airlines in her permanent position for just over two months now, and her momma is missing her something terrible!

So I hopped on a plane.......a Southwest Airlines plane, for FREE, and went to visit!!

Tess trained for her new job at Southwest Airlines for 6 weeks, and just finished her second official week on the job! She was elated to have July 4th off and get paid, but not so elated to have to go back to work for one day on Friday the 5th, but went back to feeling elated because she has a job!!!

A couple of weeks ago, some of her college girl friends were able to drive down to Dallas and visit her, and she was ecstatic!!

I would imagine things got a little crazy.........

Then the following weekend, she was able to take advantage of her Free Flight Benefits, and go visit another one of her college friends in Florida!

She was getting a little home sick for everyone, and I think now that she has been able to get settled in a bit, it was time to start planning some visits!

So, I left on Friday to go for a visit. Then Saturday morning, we flew to San Antonio! I was there briefly, some 30 years ago, and remember thinking the Riverwalk was gorgeous, and I wanted to go back, I just had no idea it would take so darn long!

We checked in at the hotel and enjoyed the view from our room......

......then we headed out to see the sights......

Remember the Alamo????

We did lots of walking and picture taking, and quite possibly some obnoxious Facebook Posting.

We were mostly fascinated with this ridiculously large TREE!! It looks like it's growing out of her head! Dontcha think??

She's so pretty......

Then it got a little warm, and we got a little thirsty, so we found a great little place to stop and sit outside ordered a little drink.

(Yes, I got caught up in the moment, and fell off the wagon for the day.)

Then we had a little snack.....

This guac was ridiculously creamy and delicious!

After more walking and sightseeing (but really, mostly people watching), we felt light headed, under nourished and dehydrated!

So we settled in at this great little place called Esquire, where we sat outside on a balcony above the Riverwalk, and shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a tasty little plate of chicken salad.

We shared small plates all day, and as simple as it looks, this was delicious!

After hours of walking in "Non-Walking" shoes.......we went to the hotel to chill out and share and Ice Bucket full of Summer Brew that we put together! Everyone does that, right???

We didn't actually put a dent in our Ice Bucket of Summer Brew, but we did have fun.

Then we shared a little room service.........

After some down time in the room, we freshened up, hopped in a cab, and headed out of the Riverwalk area for some grub. We ended up at Max's Wine Dive, where we each had a glass of wine and shared in this ridiculously delicious Croissant type pastry filled with veggies, sitting on top of a white cream sauce. We both really wanted to lick the plate, but as we were sitting at the bar making friends with the bartender, we decided it would not be in good taste, even though it WOULD taste good!!!!

After dinner, more walking.....people watching......and some awesome Girly time with my kiddo at the Riverwalk.

Sunday morning we flew back to Dallas where we went to brunch with two of Tess' new friends in Dallas, Elly and Jenna. I can NOT believe we forgot to take a group picture, but you KNOW I took a picture of my breakfast!

An Egg White Omelette filled with spinach, tomatoes and shrimp, along with a side of potatoes, of which I ate half! Yummmmmmm......

And we had awesome entertainment in the background!!

Here is a picture of Tess and Elly that I stole from Facebook!

After a relaxing brunch, Tess gave me a lovely personal tour of......


You have to check in through security and the whole shabang!!

Here is Tess, on the wall among some of her co-workers.....

Her personal space!

The View from the lunch room! Not too shabby!

Mannequins are all throughout the Headquarters modeling Flight Attendant apparel from the past. These were my favorites!

After the tour, we hung out at the apartment and I got the chance to know Connor, her roommate, a little better. He's super sweet!

I really wasn't ready to go home the next morning, but Mike said he and the dogs REALY REALLY missed me!!

We had a great weekend, and I can't wait to go back!

I didn't make the best food choices on Saturday, but I don't feel like I did completely awful either. We enjoyed our food, but shared everything on Saturday, and left food on our plates except for that ridiculous pastry!!

Sunday we had brunch, but then made the mistake of running errands and getting busy and then not eating dinner until 10:00 pm, and that ended up being a salad and a frozen pizza at the apartment.

Sunday, I was completely back on track by starting off the morning with a Greek Yogurt and a banana at the apartment. Then to the airport where we had a Starbucks and planned our next visit.

I stopped at the store on my drive home from the airport and made myself a salad for lunch....

Dinner was stir fry. I was actually craving fruits and veggies all day.

I didn't get any exercise in except for the walking that we did.

Tuesday will be full of fruits and veggies, water drinking and exercise!!

I'll step on the scale Thursday morning and hope I didn't delay my progress.

I miss Tess, but I love that we get to see each other as often as we like, considering her flight benefits!!

I can't wait to go back!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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