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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Never Stop Learning!

It's been a crazy couple of days and I'm still experiencing my little anxiety spells, but so far I haven't ordered a Family Size Pizza for myself, so I think I'm gonna get through it!

I had only known about the Blogging Conference for a few days, but I was filled with excitement anticipating all of the things I was going to learn over the weekend and all of the fellow bloggers I was going to get to meet!

Thursday night I went to the first event of the "Go Blog Social" Conference that I just learned about last week! I met all sorts of wonderful women and I was so looking forward to taking notes at all of the sessions on Friday and Saturday.

I almost completely forgot to take pictures, but snapped a quick one on my way out!

I was walking out with Amanda and Courtney, who were both adorable!

Meet Amanda.....

And Courtney......

They design jewelry together and they were both super sweet!

I showed up early Friday morning to Socialize a bit more before the Speakers got started for the day. During the morning Meet and Greet, we had the opportunity to meet several of the sponsors and enter drawings to win some really great prizes. It was halfway through the Meet and Greet that I realized 95% of the attendees were 25-30 year old women.......and me.

It was then that I decided that I was quite Trendy.

Before the first speaker (Tracie Fobes, who was awesome!) began on Friday morning, we were all told that we could Tweet something to something and hash tag something and then Prizes would be given out!! I was like.....HUH?

It was then that I decided that I was NOT Trendy at all.

I thought I knew a lot about Social Media, but after listening to the speakers on Friday morning, I realized that I have a lot to learn. This sounds like a good reason to go back to Dallas and visit my daughter!!

Mommy needs some Social Media lessons!!

I knew I would miss the Friday afternoon sessions because my mom was scheduled to have some Outpatient Surgery on Friday afternoon, and I would be spending that time with her. Out of respect for my mother, I will not go into details, but certainly positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

After spending several hours waiting (the surgeon had an emergency patient come in the ER) they sent us home at 9:00 pm, and said to come back on Saturday morning, so unfortunately I am going to have to miss all of the Saturday sessions, but I got a lot of great info on Friday morning and I met a lot of great contacts in the blogging community. I am SUPER excited to change up my blog this month!!

I have a LOT to learn, but now I feel like I have the resources to do so.

I think for being out and about all day and spending over half of my day in a hospital waiting room, I made fairly good food choices.

Breakfast was quick and at home.

Lunch was at Cosentino's Market Downtown. That Salad Bar could be overwhelming and out of control, so I went directly to the basics as not to get all caught up in the Hot Bar with the incredible smelling pasta's, or the dessert bar which looked really dangerous!!

This is a picture from last week, but I pretty much make the exact same salad at every grocery store salad bar.

Snack......hello waiting room........

Dinner at Panera. I felt terrible leaving my mom at about 6:00 pm to go eat dinner since she hadn't been able to eat since midnight!!! I told her I ate a bowl of dry lettuce. She thinks I eat weird anyhow.

Snack.....getting sleepy, I ate a Protein bar, only to be told 5 minutes later that we would be going home. I KNEW I shouldn't have eaten that darn thing!!

Refresh...I can eat 26 points a day.
I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise, and eat them if I choose.
I have an allowance of 49 points that I can dip into if I chose.
I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

The food I ate and it's PPV

Breakfast = Greek Yogurt (3)
Lunch = Salad Bar (6)
Snack = Latte (3)
Dinner = Panera Grilled Chicken Salad (12)
Snack = Protein Bar (6)

Total = 30

Today's Exercise = Scheduled Day Off

How many glasses of water I drank today = 8
Activity Points Earned Today = 0
Activity Points Earned This Week = 0
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 45
ALCOHOL consumption = none

I was not able to go to my WW meeting, but I did weigh at home and I seem to be holding steady at 157 for two weeks.

That means I have 7 pounds to lose and five weeks to go! I plan to make my goal!!

I'm off to get in some exercise, then to pickup mom and try this again.

Have a great weekend!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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