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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Doing a Great Job.........

.......of eating whatever I want and not writing it down and forgetting to take pictures, and maintaining but not losing!!!!!! Oh, and I am keeping on track with my exercise, which is probably why I have been able to maintain!!

Yip. It was a very full weekend of planned events, unplanned events, healthy foods.......and then some NOT so healthy foods.

I have gotten off track from my daily morning ritual of blogging and again, have become side tracked from the events that have unexpectedly come up in life.

I'd just like to slap some sense into myself sometimes!!!

I had a long and productive chat with my awesome coach last night, who said to me, "So, what's going on with you"

Side-note.....My coach participated in AND completed her first Triathlon on Sunday! How cool is THAT? At the age of 50, she has decided to become an athlete!!! She plans to do another one soon, but improve her time. She also plans to lose about 15 pounds to help improve her time! I'm just super impressed!!

Okay, so when asked by my coach, why the stalling and not losing, I said...."I don't know. Each day starts out so good and with good intentions, then things just don't seem to go as planned as the day continues. I don't know what my deal is."

She said....paraphrasing here...."I know what it is. You've had some stress in your life. You're tired of it all. You like the way you look. You are getting compliments. Your clothes feel great. You feel great. You only have a few pounds to lose to get to goal and you're just tired of trying so hard."

I'm like....."Um, yip. That's pretty much it"

But I know I'm not done, and I have GOT to quit stalling and finish this.

Here is her idea for me to continue and get the last few pounds off.

Before I put ANYTHING into my mouth, I have to text her a picture of it!

I like this idea. I even told her that was completely changing what I was going to eat for dinner right after we hung up! We had some BBQ left over from a weekend party that we hosted, and I was going to have a small Pulled Pork Sandwich with BBQ sauce on a Wheat bun with a little slaw on it and pickles on top (a delicious combo recently recommended by a friend!). Instead I had some of the leftover turkey, with no BBQ sauce and a plate full of raw veggies.

This morning, I already sent her a picture of my coffee with my frothy milk!

So that is the plan! FINISH THIS THING!!!
Here are a few of the things I ate over the weekend!!

At some point this weekend, I threw this together! Asparagus, Zucchini, Onion, new Potatoes........sautéed in a bit of Garlic Infused Olive Oil.

Then I tossed in about 1 C. of Cooked Whole Wheat Bow Tie Pasta and Two Diced Grilled Chicken Breast.

Then, some of you may think I ruined it by adding 1/2 C. of this!!!! This sauce actually isn't terribly high in fat, carbs or sodium!!! The first two ingredients listed on the label are water, then Parmesan cheese. And remember, I only used a small amount.

It was yummy and just a bit creamy, and FULL of veggies!

Sometimes my favorite meals come from cleaning out the fridge!!

Breakfast at First Watch on Saturday with Tess and Mike! Tess was in town for a short visit to attend a Bachelorette party for a college friend of hers. Her birthday is this week, so Mike and I enjoyed a little time with her to celebrate.
I ordered the Oatmeal, and packed 2 T. of PB2 Powder in a ziploc bag to mix in my oatmeal! I will do this again for sure!!

Then Tess and I snuck in a teensy bit of shopping!
Guess who's in here??

Isn't it cute??? SOLD!!

The rest of Saturdays eats included leftovers from my skillet combo and some Green Giant Veggies....

Sunday was a big day at our house full of family celebrating my Mother-In-Laws 75th Birthday!!

We had a houseful of family and FOOD!!

What says Happy Birthday like a house full of Oklahoma Joe's BBQ??

Beef, Turkey and Pulled Pork!

Can you HAVE BBQ with out Slaw and Potato Salad??? I think NOT!!

Maybe the best Baked Beans I've ever had (except my moms).

Yes, we actually made Grandma blow out 75 Candles!!!

The fire extinguisher was ready to go......just in case!!!

I didn't do a great job of picture taking, and really should have with so much of our family there, but here is a great one of the Grandparents with their Great Grandchildren on the deck! Thank goodness for a beautiful day!

I did eat a piece of cake. I also received a beautiful gift of chocolates from my Aunts as a hostess gift, which I immediately opened so I could share! Before the day was over, I had eaten 1/3 of the box.

The remaining chocolates are no longer in the house.


Mondays Eats........I did not write things down or count points!





Tomorrow's post will be full of nutritional eats and points included.

Hello 150, I'm coming to get you!!!!!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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