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Monday, October 22, 2012

Memphis Baby!

We had such a great weekend. I really didn't know what to expect from Memphis, and as much as I was NOT looking forward to the car ride..........WE HAD A BLAST!

The car ride was ridiculous! The drive was beautiful with all the trees changing colors..........

........we discovered the rental van had a DVR, so we stopped at a Kum-n-Go (the name makes me giggle like a junior high kid) to rent Wanderlust at The Red Box, (I hope someone remembers to return that!), we snacked on homemade chocolate chip cookies (I only had two, geeezzzzz they were good)...............thanks Becky!

We made lots of potty stops, (I really want to think this isn't my fault) and Laura can make looking at a blank wall fun, so everything in between was just stupid and fun!

We stayed at the Westin on Beale Street, so all of the festivities were right outside our door! When we got there, we sat in the lobby with our luggage and coolers and drank beer. We were just so excited to be there! After two beers and causing a scene in the lobby, we checked in, then went for our first stroll down Beale Street!

There was so much to look at! Street performers, horse and buggy rides, food and drink everywhere, and lots and lots of very interesting people watching!

We decided on a place for dinner Friday night, and I had quite possibly the best chicken I have ever had in a tomato sauce over rice......oh, and beer! I am not sure how many beers I had by dinner, but my food is in that blue bowl.......I can't believe I remembered to take the picture!

The rest of the evening involved Karaoke, a Dual Piano Bar with a community drink..........

........more people watching, walking and beer drinking!

Saturday was filled with lots of adventure and trying to see as much as we could.......without missing out on good people watching and beer drinking......

We headed to The Peabody to watch the ducks..........

I have never seen such a I can say that I have.

Then we went to the Duck Mansion on the top of the building........(my pictures of that aren't so great, but here's me and my date!)

We saw where the ducks live when they are not hanging out in the beautiful lobby of The Peabody. After all of the excitement, we were starving, and went in search of Gus' Famous Fried Chicken! We found it! I was craving Fried Pickles! I shared.

Holy Memphis! That was some good spicy Fried Chicken!

Then to the Trolley!

We took a little tour.......

Somebody has to pee again.......(there was a lot of that) we got off.

And found our way here.......(after the potty break of course)......

This is where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

The outside of the museum is where he was shot on the balcony just outside of room #306, before they were to go to dinner that evening.

We didn't schedule enough time to go through the museum, but I would go back to Memphis just to go through it!

After a bit of sight seeing and the trolley ride, we were we stopped here!

Here, we met Reggie.......(he's the guy in the middle).....

We were having a great time with Reggie, and he highly recommended we have the grilled Oysters........ICK!

I guess you have to like them to start with.

There were so many great places to go, it was hard to decide!

The people watching could NOT have been better. We sat upstairs and outside for a bit at this one place and we were able to watch lots of interesting people walk by and drive by! Check out this car! Laura knows I love chrome, so she pointed it out! I'm getting one next weekend!

I think shortly after this we all stood on the streets drinking cold beer and sharing possibly the best chicken nachos I have ever eaten! I think it's the only food I forgot to take a picture of!

We did a little evening shopping in the streets!

You guys! It's a ring AND a bracelet! The guy was really gonna give me a deal too! I promised him I would come back, then I drank more beer.....and forgot.

By then, it was time to eat again! We went to BB Kings!

Earlier in the day, Laura and Melissa (neither one of them has ever met a stranger!), spent quite a bit of time trying to convince Phil, the door man, to waive our cover charge when we came back later for dinner. They are ALWAYS looking for a deal.

While they were trying to get a deal, I went to the other side of the street to the beer stand! There all over! I loved it!

Later, we all paid the cover, and went inside.

The music was awesome! The food was to DIE for! Nobody served a bad meal. Either we got lucky, or everything in Memphis taste incredible!

It's just a salad, but the fried onions that came on top of it were so crunchy and tasty!

Breakfast Sunday was one last meal.......on Beale........

Waffle, turkey sausage and a poached egg. The poached egg threw them off a little, but they got it right and that waffle was delish!

Then we said good-bye to Memphis and hit the road. It was our (me and Mike) turn to be Pilot and Co-pilot. Damn it. I closed my eyes a lot. We only had one close call and we didn't argue once. I did wake up from a dream once and yelled at Mike because I thought he was passing on a hill, but turns out, we were in a passing lane, on our own side of the road, so I went back to sleep.


I can't remember the name of this place.......but it was super cute! I left my camera in the car. I was too tired to go get it. But I made Mike take a picture of my food!

Brisket sandwich (melted in my mouth!) and a baked potato.

Then a few of us shared Peanut Butter Cup Pie! I think I had the most bites.......

We had an awesome weekend with a great group of friends! We began our countdown for our trip with the same friends to Punta Cana in January!

83 days!!

Monday! Fruits and veggies and BOOTCAMP!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. WOW WEEE!! What a great trip! The drinks, food, touring, people watching and your friends sound amazing!! Glad that ya'll had a great time! I know poor Tess is crying because you didnt buy her that ring/bracelet;)

    1. are right! Tess would have loved that! :)