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Monday, October 29, 2012

A nice morning of humiliation........and other stupid sh*t.

Its not like the annual pap exam isn't already humiliating enough, but the thoughtless nurse/aide that got my height and weight, blurted it out in the hallway as she wrote it down! I am terrible at thinking of things to say when I am caught off guard because I don't want to be rude, I don't want to embarrass myself, and I don't want to say anything I might regret, but I wanted to say ....."Was it really necessary for you to announce my weight in the middle of the hallway filled with other people? It's not like I asked you how much I weigh?" I was afraid it would come out really angry and I would just look like an idiot, so I said nothing. I have complained about being weighed at this particular Dr. Office before and the manner in which it is handled. I love the Doctor, I just have never cared for the office. When I mentioned one time that I didn't want to be weighed because I did weight watchers and could just tell them my weight, the nurse/aide insisted! When I complained to the Doctor, she told me she was sorry, but to just tell them to write my weight down, but not tell me. Well, I forgot to tell her there was no need to tell me what I weighed, so she told me........and everyone else that was standing around!!!! You are probably wondering why I give a rats ass since I post my weight for the world to see weekly anyhow. I wondered the same thing. I guess it's just because if someone is reading my blog, the topic of the blog is MY WEIGHT, and it's likely expected that I would mention it, and it's on MY TERMS. Wow......needed to get that off my chest. thanks for listening. I feel better.


I am trying to keep a happy face while waiting........

I typed this while waiting on the doc, without my new wireless keyboard! My neck and shoulders are gonna be KILLING me later!

This is me thinking about punching that nurse/aide in the face!

Moving on.......I totally forgot to mention how I almost burned down the house on Sunday! I made an egg, then left the pan on the burner with the spatula in it and the burner on!!! I ate, then went up to my room, and Tess and I hung out for a while. When I opened my bedroom door later, the entire house was filled with smoke! I can't believe NONE of the smoke detectors went off, and they are all NEW with NEW batteries!!! Tess and I ran around the whole house opening all the windows and turning on all the fans. It took ALL day to get the nasty smell out!

I couldn't get this spatula out of this pan for anything!!!

They were my Pampered Chef favorites!!

I am just glad I hadn't left the house for the day. I really do think I have guardian angels.


At some point this weekend, Tucker turned my head into a pillow. It happens a lot the bed.....on the the chair........but I rarely happen to have my iPad in my lap when it happens, so I took advantage of the photo opportunity........the guy truly loves to have his picture taken!!

This dog loves to hug!!

Who wouldn't want to hug my head anyhow??

My bangs are the same color as his hair!

I think he thinks I'm his natural mother!

Oddly, I'm okay with that. :)

Egg Whites, Bacon Pieces, Reduced Fat Cheddar
Toast, Pumpkin Butter

Early Lunch
Sushi from the deli
6 Pieces

Later Lunch
Sushi from the deli
6 pieces

Snack/Early Dinner?
Baked Chips, Turkey Taco Meat, Reduced Fat Cheddar
Sprite Zero

Uh.....this was delicious!

Then I made a pizza with the leftover Turkey Taco Meat.

1/6 of this pizza is 6 PPV

I didn't do so great getting in all my veggies, so I had 1/12 of the pizza and some Green Giant Veggies in garlic Sauce.....


Refresh...I can eat 26 points a day.
I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise.
I have an allowance of 49 points that I can dip into if I chose.
I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

The food I ate today and it's PPV.

Breakfast = 6
Lunch (1) = 6
Lunch (2) = 6
Snack/Dinner = 6
Actual Dinner = 4

Total = 28

Activity Points Earned Today = 2
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 0
How many glasses of water I drank today = 15

URG! I went over on my Points today by TWO, but hopefully the ridiculous amount of water I drank and the walk I took, will even things out!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Awww! Sweet Tucker:) UGH!! I hate THE appt. and a rude nurse makes it so much worse. I once went to the Dr. on Christmas Eve, very very sick. I was so sad that I was missing my kids Christmas Eve things and I felt SO bad. The Nurse said that I needed to "jump on the scale" well, I came unglued! I had been there a few days before, she knew that, she had weighed me then! I refused and told her that she should be ashamed...I'm blaming the meds that I was on:) turns out my cold had turned into a double ear infection...but I didnt get on that scale!

    1. Bummer about being that sick on Christmas Eve!

      i don't get the whole......lets announce it to everyone thing!

      I assume the nurse would rather not yell HER weight out to all that were around! Oh we'll. I kept my cool. :)