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Friday, May 11, 2012

I LOVE my meetings!

There are so many wonderful things about Weight Watchers, I don't know where to begin, but one thing for sure, I LOVE my meetings and my leader, Joan! My Friday meeting has really turned into an incredible group of Weight Watcher members. Everyone has such great insight. I don't think I have ever actually cried in a meeting before, which is a huge surprise considering a 30 second commercial can cause me to lose it, but I have cried a few times in the parking lot afterwards. Today was one of those days. The topic today was "Motivation". How do you keep motivated? Our Weight Watchers Weekly.......

had a series of questions that we went through as a group. Question 4, What might dim your motivation? I raised my hand. It's so hard for me not to share!

I said I was probably the strangest WW member ever, but one thing that dim's my motivation, is feeling comfortable where I am with my weight, which I actually have blogged about a lot lately. Joan, my lovely leader, asked members to raise their hand if they felt the same way. I was surprised at how many people raised their hands. So, I'm not a total freak. In the parking lot, as I was looking for my keys, one of the members stopped me to tell me I had to continue, I couldn't settle for where I was at. Yip, I cried. We talked forever. She certainly sparked my motivation. She told me to just work on the next ten pounds and not think about the twenty pounds I still needed to lose. With each five pounds we lose at WW, we get recognition, which can really mean a lot. So I am focused on the next 5 pounds. The last time I received a five pound award, I reached 172 for the first time. Now that I have been up and down on the scale, I have not received the next five in a long time. That is my next goal. 167 will get me my next recognition.

Today's weight....172. Again.

Just a couple of things from the kitchen the past few days......

Breakfast was 1/2 regular bagel toasted, Kraft 2% sharp cheddar, one egg.......

Lunch was out with a friend. I ordered a taco salad with chicken, no chips, sour cream, salsa, and avocado on the side. No dressing. No picture. Oooops.

Dinner was supposed to be these awesome chicken sausage things I have discovered. I love them! When I took them out of the package, they had spoiled. Bummer. I was so in the mood for them too. So we had hot dogs that we had originally bought for the grand kids!

A big salad on the side.......

Breakfast the next morning was......

I am really giving the Greek yogurt a chance......but must admit.....I am not a huge fan of the thickness, but I love the 14 grams of protein!

I almost forgot to eat lunch, which was more fresh fruit and a few slices of turkey.

Dinner was out. No pictures.....but I had a wonderful plate of roasted red potatoes and two skewers with chicken, red bell peppers and pineapple. It was so tasty.

I drank lots of water this week and got my exercise in. I was happy with the scale today.

This weekend is full. Tonight a birthday party for friends, tomorrow an anniversary dinner out with the hubby, Sunday brunch with the family for Mother's Day. Lots of challenges. I vow to track my points and exercise!

I think I have used this one before, but I really need it this weekend!

Make it a great weekend!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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