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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 1 of 7

Yesterday was the day I made the decision to move forward. To go get the 160's, since they don't seem to be just coming to me. I decided for 7 days I will not drink alcohol, I will exercise every day for a minimum of 30 minutes, I will focus on Power Foods (fruits, veggies, lean meats, nonfat dairy and whole grains) and I will drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water, and I will blog all of it.
If you've read my blog, or if you just know me, you know I've been stuck for a while, and you know I like my Friday beers or wine, or quite possibly, a little of each. I was successful in passing on both yesterday. A friend came over during "Happy Hour" hour (I had a smoothie and water) and Mike and I went out to dinner and I passed on the beers (more water).
Menu for the day.....
Breakfast was a pear and strawberries and a nonfat latte, 2 PPV.
Lunch was carrots and a cheese wedge, a pear and a wrap made of ham, a cheese wedge and red bell peppers. 7 PPV.

For a snack in the afternoon I had an apple and string cheese. 1 PPV.

For Happy Hour, I had a Strawberry Smoothie. 2 PPV.

Before we went out to dinner, I ate some carrot sticks and drank a big glass of water. I was feeling pretty hungry, and didn't want to get to the restaurant and make a bad choice based on my growling tummy! The carrots and water really helped.
Dinner was at one of our favorite spots, Sunset Grill. I had several points left for the day and wasn't sure what to order. I went with the Hawaiian Skewers. Grilled chicken, red onion, red bell peppers and pineapple. Everything had kind of a sweet and sour teriyaki type sauce? It was super satisfying. It was served with red potatoes. I only ate about 1/3 of those. I had 14 points left for the day, and have no idea what the PPV for the sauce was, so I'll just call dinner 14 PPV.
My exercise for the day was thirty minutes on the treadmill with intervals of running and walking. Then I did this! Got the heart up and going!

Then I did several different arm exercise with my 8 lb weights.
I drank all of my water and met all of my commitments for the day! Feels great!
I am allowed 26 PPV each day. I have an additional weekly allowance of 49 PPV that I can eat, or chose not to eat. I can earn activity points for any exercise that I do. If I stick to only the 26 PPV, and do not dip into the 49, and do not eat my activity points earned, it's gonna be a kick ass weigh in next Friday!
Sorry for the truly boring post of facts.
"love the life you live, live the life you love"


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  2. Not boring at all! Inspiring!! Great work getting through the day yesterday and meeting all of your goals! You're awesome and I feel that one sixty something right around the corner!!!!!!