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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Breakfast was planned, light and filling. Nonfat Greek yogurt, kashi and a banana. No biggie.

I had the day off, and after all the grooming of the lawn the last few days, I was ready for some flowers. Flower care to me is new, and I kinda suck at it, so I called my mom. You know that thing Jesus did with the bread and fish? My mom can do that with a cup of dirt and one flower.

On her way over to flower shop with me, she decided to pick up lunch. Arby's Chicken Salad. I rarely eat fast food because the points can really add up fast. But I really appreciated the thought, and she had bought me a wrap, not a sandwich. She said she thought it was probably healthier. Oh mom.

I have an APP (Restaurants) on my IPad with several restaurants and some of their nutritional information. The information needed to figure WW PPV is protein, carbs, fat and fiber. According to the information provided, my wrap was........and here's the HOLY CRAP.....18 PPV! The sandwich was 20! I only get to eat 26 PPV for the entire day! ....YOWZA......

These are not my pictures, but I wasn't sure how to explain the picture taking to mom and how I'll be blogging about how bad this lunch was for me. Again, totally appreciated the thought.

Geeeezzzzzz....look at all that MAYO!

Of course I looked up the nutritional info AFTER I ate it. I guessed 15 PPV. Did I say HOLY CRAP?

Any who.....

Dinner? Leftover salmon and roasted veggies from last night and strawberries and pears.

I think tomorrows weigh-in is going to suck.

But thanks to putting it all out there, I have new motivation to move forward.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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