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Friday, February 17, 2012

My Biggest Supporter

So I said to my husband last night, during a commercial break of American Idol (I LOVE Phil Phillips!), "I think I need you to be just be mean to me." He's like "What?". I said, with great sarcasm, "Maybe you just need to call me Fatty McFarmer or something so I can move forward". I told him how I was just really feeling down on myself and I was really disappointed in myself with where I was in my weight loss. I explained how I felt like my part time afternoon job was fulfilling, but I really wanted to be doing more and I had hoped at this time I would be at my weight loss goals and be working as a Weight Watchers Leader.

Here is what the genius said.......

"You should just treat your weight loss like a job. Make yourself go to the gym in the morning from 9-11 (he totally knows I like my morning coffee and Good Morning America) and have that be your morning job, then go to your afternoon job. Don't allow yourself to make any excuses."

He said it in the nicest way, and let me tell you, the guy could care less what I weigh. He constantly tells me how wonderful I am, how sexy I am, and how happy I make him. He said what he said because he knows it's really what I want, and that reaching my goals will make ME happy. Sometimes he just makes so much stinking sense.

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  1. What a wonderful way to think about it. Good luck with your "new job." :)