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Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Bye Old Friend

Oh don't worry. That's just me being dramatic. I have had this relationship with coffee since my teens. My mom always had a pot of coffee on every morning, and most evenings. It was comforting. It always smelled so good. There was just something about sitting down with a cup of coffee that made everything better. Wait. Maybe it was the pastry or cookies that we had with it that was comforting. Well, whatever it was, it still is, because I have coffee on ALL the time! I drank it black for years. Then out of the blue, I needed a change. I do that a lot. Change things. Move furniture, paint a room, mow the lawn in a circle (true story), rearrange wall hangings, make the sock drawer the underwear drawer, cut all of my hair off, paint my nails purple, add creamer to my coffee! Can you believe it? Okay, it was fat free half and half, but it's still calories!!! So a week ago, I made another change. I gave up fat free half and half in my coffee. You thought I was giving up coffee, didn't you? Heck no! I'm not crazy!

You know what? I remembered how much I really enjoy black coffee!

Just like my coaster says......"Hot delicious Coffee Here"

Just looking at this mug filled with hot coffee makes me feel cozy! Geezzz, at times I can be so simple!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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