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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weigh In Day!

Friday involves a WW meeting, followed by the gym, followed by lunch. I hate to eat anything before I weigh in, and I usually take a coffee and a protein bar, but I'm trying to change things up a bit, and save some of my moring points for my Friday night out. WW really focuses on Power Foods. Those are mostly fruits and veggies, lean meats and whole grains, and skim milk and I believe non-fat yogurt. So for my breakfast I chopped up an orange and an apple and topped it with 1/3 C. of fat free WW vanilla yogurt. Total = 1 PPV. Instead of hitting the Starbucks drive through for my Misto (half coffee, half steamed skim milk) I used my new toy that my husband got me for my birthday, my Keurig! My coffee drink with a packet of sweetner = 0 PPV! My previous breakfast of a protein bar (5 PPV) and a Misto (2 PPV) is something I will still enjoy, just a little less frequently.

After hitting the gym, I met up with my Pops at Panera and feasted on the Grilled Chicken Caesar, with the dressing on the side. I was satisfied with half of the dressing, 2 PPV, and the chicken was delicious! I was so full, I saved the apple they served on the side for later in the afternoon! A pretty successful day so far!

I have a group of friends that love to have Happy Hour on Friday. I love it just as much as they do, and am often the one to suggest it. I like my beer or wine, and with a Happy Hour and cocktails, you gotta have snacks! So last night I hosted the Happy Hour. I'm on a two week break from alcohol trying to break a plateau, but I decided I was strong enough to handle the task at hand. Happy Hour with NO cocktail for me! I popped 94% free popcorn, put out a few pretzels, and kept it simple. My drink of choice? Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry. One can is 10 calories, and in a fun glass and a lime slice, nobody even notices your not having the calories they are! Happy Hour was a success!

At dinnertime, I really wasn't too hungry, but I knew it would be a mistake to not eat my points for the day, and I would probably wake up too hungry, so I baked tilapia with 1 tsp of butter infused olive oil on each fillet, a little kosher salt and cracked black pepper, topped with some chopped tomatoes and reduced fat feta cheese. One tilapia fillet, as prepared, was 6 PPV!

Feeling really good about today!

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