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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gooey and Yummy Cheese Sandwich!

I love a warm sandwich! This tasty little treat is super easy to make and as far as I'm concerned, Restaurant quality! (maybe a little exageration here) I love my light Italian Bread (2 slices, 2 PPV), and I use one serving of deli turkey, and 1 T. of Light Country Crock (1 PPV), 1 slice of cheese (1 PPV), and one wedge of laughing cow cheese (1 PPV). I LOVE the garlic and herb and used that today. My picture doesn't really show the gooeyness of the cheese, but is was soooooo good. This was a 6 PPV Sandwich!

Get those fruits and veggies in to help fill you up, and knowing you're eating healthy, makes you feel GREAT!

Treat yourself and take a few extra minutes to make your plate really look appetizing. If you would do it for company, then do it for yourself. It only takes a little extra time, and you just might eat a little slower and appreciate your meal more!

Now out to walk the dogs!

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