Lake Fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We arrived at the Lake! Barely!

Okay, first of all, I didn't know we would have wifi, and Mike is asleep, so

WHOOP....WHOOP!!! I can BLOG!!! (I love him.)

So....we....and by we.....I mean Mike......killed a momma and a baby raccoon about a mile before we got here!! We had just passed two dear, at different I totally had on my "deerdar", and we had discussed it. Add raccoon to my list. I am bad luck. I have now been in the car, or have been driving, and killed a rat (Tess did that in the grade school parking lot on a driving lesson), a turtle (I know...right?), a possum, a bobcat (had to have the car towed...took out the bottom of the radiator...the car we are in TONIGHT!), a deer (coming home from Colorado...basically totaled a Suburban)...and now raccoons. Okay, I was driving on all of those except the rat and the raccoons, but it was always my car! Total weebie jeebies!!!

So......our weekend trip.....

When we go on "husband planned trips", I don't ask a lot of questions. I'm just excited to be going somewhere. I had no idea who would be at the Lake House when we arrived this Thursday evening, I just knew that five couples were included in the weekend plans. Turns out? Just us tonight! Love it!

Mike and his Co-Worker, and President of the company (whatever), Doug, are golfing Friday morning. Doug was going to join us this evening, but had a change in plans, and apparently will be flying his private Jet in tomorrow morning, so they can play golf, as planned. Mike turned down the plane ride here. I think I'm good with that, even though Mike killed an innocent family.

Mike and I were super old fashioned, and drove to the lake. It was a little over two hours. I am a MAJOR control freak when it comes to driving. Have we discussed this? I always drive. I'm just a really good driver. Mike is also a good driver, just not as good as me. Nobody is. And I like maps. Good, Old Fashioned road atlas. Carry one in my trunk at all times. And city maps. Love them! The paper kind. Take it out, unfold it, read it, take a fun route, put it away, find your destination. Or??? Just ask people....."How do I get there?" I'm old fashioned. Mike likes a GPS. (Global Positioning System) he's a guy. I get it. (no, I don't) Seriously, we had to pull over before we left the subdivision to "program our destination". THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS......WE ARE GOING TO THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS!" But I had decided.....I wanted to be the passenger. I was going to relax, put my chair back, relax with my blanket, and chill. Easier said than done. After finally programming the GPS, we left the subdivision. We were instructed (by the lake home owner) to only program the GPS to ten miles before our destination. Otherwise, it would lead us down a dirt road to nothing! Then we had to pull over and program the FINAL destination (about ten miles from the lake house) so we could find it! When I pulled out the yellow post it from the GPS box from last years trip, the directions were written on it! But Mike was so into typing in the information, that he kept telling me to "hold on a minute!"

It was fun. We actually both kept our cool. Well, until he killed those poor, innocent raccoons. I did suggest that the hilly roads have a "day time" speed limit different than the "night time" speed limit! I am NOT a good passenger. Mike says...." Are you okay?" I am like......"Uh......NO! I have a knot in my stomach and I just want a BEER!" which he replies....."Me Too!"

Finally....we arrived.

We went to the deck, cracked open a couple of cold Bud Lights, and enjoyed the most relaxing night under the stars, in a long long time!

Here is the door we walked into.

And we looked at this.......our room is the Master Suite through the door on the left.

Not too shabby.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. We just got back from a beach vacation and I can not wait to catch up on your blog!!!

  2. Libby, do share your beach adventure! Where, who when??