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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to Basics

Thursday night I woke up after midnight and could NOT clear my brain enough to relax and go back to sleep! When I did fall back asleep around 3:30 am, I slept hard! So when I woke up around 8:00 am, I felt blahhh. I had a lunch at 11:30 in my neighborhood, so I putted around the house and got a few things done and ate nothing.

Since my morning was really out of routine for my usual Friday, I didn't make it to my WW meeting, but did weigh at home.

I stayed the same this week, which is irritating, but I am trying to not dwell on it. I follow another blogger and she had some great information for me this week on my fruit consumption. I do eat a lot of fruit. I am going to take her advice and watch how much fruit I eat, and watch what I eat my fruit with. While she did agree that I did not get fat eating fruit, it could be a culprit of me not being able to move forward with my weight loss.

At the neighborhood lunch, I did not take pictures, but probably should have. The hostess, Stacey, has an awesome reputation for hosting wonderful lunches throughout the year, and a reputation for just being an awesome person! Stacey does a lot of great things for the community, and often, her lunches are a way of getting together for great food, and at the same time, bringing a donation for a local charity, sometimes in the form of money, other times in the form of a food donation.

While this particular lunch was not a charity themed lunch, she did help a lot of mom's get out of the house for the afternoon by bringing them together to enjoy some great food, wine and friendship. This was a "Back to School" lunch. Simply a way to get together with the neighbors after sending the kiddos back to school for Fall. Everyone contributed either appetizers, salads, bread, wine or dessert. Everything was wonderful. I tried hard to take small portions of each, and I drank water, lots of water, yet again, while the others enjoyed wine or beer. (Secretly, this surprisingly is not bothering me. I hope people like me sober.)

In the evening, Mike and I had plans to go with The Newlyweds and her parents to Swope Park for the Annual Ethnic Food Festival, which I had never even HEARD of!

I had no idea what to expect, (other than possibly lots of fried foods, and a beer tent) so it just seemed like a good idea to eat a smart choice before we left. So I did.

Grilled chicken (protein with my fruit) and berries.

The festival was great! Over 30 different countries were represented! None of the food was made by restaurants, but home cooked by individuals from community centers. Jordan (the bride) and her parents have been going for several years, so they had lots of favorites they wanted us to try. I took lots of bites of lots of things......The vegetable roll from Vietnam, the crepe from France, the curry potato something from India, the Baklava Ice Cream from Greece, rice rolls from Japan and rice noodles from Thailand......and on and on. Those are the highlights of the night. I skipped the beer tent and ordered a virgin Sangria, and drank lots of water. We had perfect weather and a great time! In the middle of all of the food tents, there was a stage with dancers, representing all of the countries, that will perform throughout the weekend. It was $3 to get in, and at each booth you could spend $1 to $5 and have a great taste of something or a full meal. I recommend it if you live in KC and are looking for something to eat! I mean, something to do!

Here's a few pic's from the evenings festivities.....

(Photo's courtesy Jake Farmer)

Tents! Tents! Everywhere Tents!

Not our best photo....

You see Pakistan?

The Gang......and a few friends.

Jordan graciously sharing her Gyro...

Me graciously sharing my Virgin was a bit sugary....

Mike wanting to know which country has the best Kabob....He found it in the Philippines.

Dan, Jordan's dad, wondering what country he ate the Papaya salad at last year.

Winding down for the evening......

See you next time, World.

I am going to focus on going "Back to Basics" this week. This means I will follow all of the healthy guidelines that WW suggest. Drinking all of my recommended water, eating the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies, getting in my dairy, taking my multivitamin, getting in my healthy oils, and exercising.

I don't really know how to count yesterday's I'm not.

But this is my theme for the week.........

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Sounds like you have had a fun week! I love the idea of a back-to-school luncheon for Mom's! and that festival looks and sounds like alot of fun! I read Roberta's comments on fruit eating and enjoyed it. I also know that the times when I have had a tiny loss at weigh in, I have usually been hitting the fruit too hard! I dont beat myself up about it because this is the season to enjoy good fresh fruit! But, I have to own that eating fruit mindlessly will show up on the scale. Like I said, it's fruit so I'm not going to nut up about it (too much) some fruits are only really good for such a short season that I do want to enjoy them...I just have to be careful and mindful. I love the idea of having some protein with fruit! I crave protein because of my running so I think having a snack of some cheese with a serving of fruit sounds really good. Also, I have heard of some WW's counting points for fruit if they tend too over do it. Good luck with your Back to Basics. That is what I have been trying to do this week to get rid of my 1 lb so that I can make goal I am sitting here eating an apple;)

  2. Yip, it really all made sense. I get so tired though sometimes of having to think so hard about what to eat, and what not to eat, and what to eat with what. But I get it, darn it! :)
    Good Luck Tuesday! Let me know how it goes!