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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm feelings a little pissy!

I have had a week of great food and awesome walks and a positive attitude, so I was excited to hop on the scale Wednesday morning to see how my week was going. Uh....did NOT expect a GAIN???

It doesn't even make sense. I would say that 90% of the time, when I step on the scale, I know if to expect a gain, a loss, or to stay the same. I was blindsided, and quite frankly pissed off. Usually with a gain, I'm just mad at myself, but I wasn't sure WHO to be mad at, so I chose the World.

Then I spent the rest of the day completely sabotaging myself. Truly. What the heck is THAT all about?

I was going to brunch with my daughter at 11:00, and had decided a banana would be all I would have before we met. Then I ate a Protein Bar anyway! It was 5 PPV. Fine, I'll eat a salad, no biggie. Nope. I ordered half a Paradise Salad and half of a Paradise Chicken Sandwich. It had mayo on it.....and I ate it! Still not a terrible decision, but I would have done better with just a salad and not eating the bread and cheese and mayo on the sandwich.

I really had a great time seeing Tess. She always makes me laugh. After brunch, Tess had things to do (she drove home from college for the day to do a few things)and I went on with my day. One stressful situation after another came up. ANXIETY set in! I wasn't going to tell exactly what I ate, but I was going to post the Points as best as I could. Screw it! We all mess up sometimes and do stupid things. I ate, throughout the afternoon, four Nutrigrain Strawberry Cereal Bars, and four bags of Baked Lays Chips (one of each flavor out of the box from Costco). There. I feel better. It's like confession I suppose.

I have my OWN plan where, when stressed out, and wanting to binge, I set the timer for five minutes and make myself think about what has me wigged out....what can I do about it....and will eating anything really fix the problem, or simply add to my anxiety. Well, I guess I lost all control and forgot my OWN plan! Urg.

It's weird sometimes how we can have such great advice, then not follow it ourselves.

Everything continued to go downhill. Things broke, I tripped over stuff, the dog pooped in the of THOSE days. Mike called, I was cranky. He called again later, I confessed my eats, to which he replied. " I thought something didn't sound right in your voice". Geeezzzz , I love that guy. When he came home, I told him he was really lucky that I am the kind of person that can admit when I have had a rotten day and that I'm being a total bitch. He agreed that he really was lucky. (the man has a ridiculously large amount of patience)

I went outside and took my frustrations out on this with some sandpaper. It was my grandma's, and I think I have a fun idea for it.

Here is my dinner....Veggies and two pears.

Brunch on Thursday with a friend who ALWAYS makes me smile!
(only fruit to eat before brunch!)

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Wow, you did have a bad day! I understand the frustration of being "perfect" and not losing...even gaining. My chart has so many flat spots and little upward jigs that Jack says it looks like a stock market graph on a downward trend. And that's that's a downward d trend. The little spikes and flats are part of it....they're hard, but they are always there.

    I'm going to go out on a ledge and talk to you about fruit before your meals, or fruit alone as a snack. While I agree with what you have said in previous posts, that you did not get fat eating fruit, I think it would help you to remember that fruit is predominantly carbs. Bananas are one of the higher glycemic index fruits. If you're hungry and you eat a banana and only a banana, you are going to get hungrier. The sugar is going to hit your blood stream, insulin will spike, and it will trigger more food cravings. Specifically, that fruit is triggering carb cravings. So, what to do? If you are eating a snack before meeting people for a meal at a restaurant to curb your appetite and help you eat well at the restaurant, eat protein or fats. Seriously, your better off with a tablespoon of peanut butter in that situation than the banana. The protein and the fat in the peanut butter will satiate your cravings, not increase them. Sometimes, when I am cooking dinner and I just want to snack, snack, snack, I'll measure out a tablespoon of peanut butter and just suck on it until it's gone. I like the way it tastes and it curbs my cravings. Then I eat 90 calories less with my dinner. Another option is to eat a serving of sliced turkey. Deli turkey has about 45 calories a serving. Sometimes I just measure out 51 grams of turkey (or 102 grams if I'm really hungry) and eat it on the run. Other times I'll make a little lettuce wrap with leaf lettuce, turkey and mustard. Just as wick as your banana, no carbs, and will keep you from your carb cravings.

    Why do our bodies crave carbs? Because they are so easy to digest and turn into energy. When you give your body easy energy it looks for more of it. Your body actually treats simple carbs and alcohol the same way. So just the same way that alcohol leads to carb cravings, carbs lead to more carb cravings,

    Back to fruit. Yes, eat it. Even eat a lot of it. But try to never eat just a piece of fruit. Eat protein (or fat) with it. Don't eat the protein or fat after the fruit, because the second you eat the fruit first you've started that insulin cycle. Eat the protein or healthy fats first or with the fruit. Cottage cheese and fruit make an excellent snack, by the way. Or almonds and an apple. Nuts, sliced deli meats, your laughing cow cheese wedges, cottage cheese....all make quick and easy proteins and fats to lead your snack with.

    OK, I'm off my carb soap box. Ignore all that if you want, but I thought it might help!

    1. Ignoring NONE of it, and reading it all and absorbing it. You explained it all very well. I would read the book you're reading, but I prefer just to read your blog and get my info there. :) I weigh in tomorrow, and start, yet again, with a clean slate. That doesn't mean I will sabotage myself again today, it just means a new week for me to try to do what you said. I should count my fruit and limit them to four a day. That will be my goal for the week. Only four fruits a day. Thanks Roberta! I always appreciate and learn something from you!

  2. UGH! I hate days like that! and I hate more that on days like that, I let food control me!! It is self-sabotage and it is a tough battle! When I have those times (and we all do) I will binge on carbs mostly bread with real butter and cheese or bread with peanut butter! Hope you are feeling better today..I guess that is the true verdict of a bad day...if we get over it and get back on the horse the next day then we are the winners!