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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me Something Good to Eat!

I thought that saying was hilarious when I was a kid. Okay, still makes me giggle.......

I thought this year for Halloween, I would buy some candy that I don't like. Well, I succeeded.

Twizzlers Rainbow flavor.....ick.....

I think these are disgusting! I love licorice, but I thought these lacked in flavor and were too chewy. It really is best though. I hope the little kids like them. I would devour any chocolate I bought!


I haven't made a breakfast burrito in forever! I totally got into a "Morning Toast" rut. It was that damn Pumpkin Butter!

I spread the Queso Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge on a tortilla and filled it with Southwest Egg Beaters!
I finished up my Orange/Lemon Juice soaked Apple and added a Banana


Then I had a few early morning errands to run........

Like taking this little lady to the beauty shop! (Okay....groomer)

In addition to my Wednesday Food Truck Gig, I work for two different families as a Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper, Personal Driver, Personal Cook........Personal Doggie Taxi??

I love it all. I like a variety in life, and I get a bit of a kick out of telling everyone I take care of a household and work THREE Part-time jobs!

........but I still made time for a Starbucks pitstop!

Lunch was a few bites of half of a Panini, and half of a Boom Boom Taco at the Beauty of the Bistro Food Truck!.

Dinner was a few 2"x2" slices of these!

The kids and Grandkids came over to Trick or Treat, so I set up a little party in the driveway.............

......and the kids and Grandpa went Trick or Treating. When they came back, we sat around the fire discussing the awesome candy, then ate Pizza and Popcorn!

Darth Vader and his mom..........he called himself Dr. Vader.

A Princess (like, a real one guys) and Spider Man and their mom....

It's also Mikes birthday, so he opened cards and presents.....

It was an unplanned, complete spur of the moment, fantastic night!

Hope the Grandkids Trick or Treat here every Halloween!

Hope your's was a safe and Happy Halloween!

(I put sticky notes all over the house with motivational thoughts to help make this next week better. I am losing myself. The Weight of my Weight feels really heavy right now. The tone of this sounds like I feel sorry for myself, and I hate that. I don't feel sorry for myself, just extremely frustrated and struggling with no progress on the scale.)

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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