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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Great Day to be Outside......

Tess' favorite Tree is a Weeping Willow, so while walking the dogs, I took this picture and sent it to her.....


Sometimes, I'm gushy.

My breakfast Burrito on Wednesday was so good, I had another on Thursday! It did fall apart, but it tasted great! I guess all the dishes were dirty? I have NO idea why I ate on a paper plate?

After about a five mile walk before breakfast, I took the doggies for a mile stroll around the neighborhood pond/lake........

We stopped to smell the roses.....or goose poop.......

They decided there were more smells to smell down the path, so we moved on.....

When we got home, we sat on the deck for an hour! It was gorgeous outside!

Then a little lunch.

Tilapia Tacos. I found this seasoning at Whole Foods a while back and I absolutely love it!

So I cooked up a pound of tilapia......

Maybe leftovers on Friday??

I bought the fish on Tuesday and we ended up eating out, so I had to get this fishy cooked up, otherwise I don't ordinarily cook up such a lunch feast!!

I made a big salad, then realized we were OUT of salsa!!! Urgggg!!!!

But I still enjoyed it.....

Dinner and my evening out were unexpected....My Favorite Kind of Night!

A friend called and invited me to dinner and the Theatre...the LIVE kind! I LOVE live Theatre, but never make the effort to find out whats currently playing and where.

I was picked up and off we went to the Chinese Buffet!! Ick! Okay, I just don't like to go there because it is so easy to overeat, and Chinese food makes me swell up like crazy! I vocalized my concerns, and my generous friends offered to meet me in the parking lot after I walked to the restaurant of my choice, then returned. That's kinda how it went. They'll disagree.

I didn't take any pics.

But I ate Two Crab Rangoon's, (damn) a couple other pieces of fried chicken in sauce, then mostly veggies, shrimp, salmon and tilapia. Not too bad. But my fingers were like little sausages later in the evening.

Now.....the PLAY!! Oh my goodness, I had very low expectations since the friends I was with had been to this theatre a few times before, and left a little disappointed.


The play was "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson"

I guess you could say it was a hilarious Rock and Roll musical spoof about our 7th President starting the Democratic Party and Slaughtering the Indians? I have no idea how they made this so interesting and entertaining, but we all LOVED it!

It ends November 4th at the Unicorn Theatre.

My next post?

Reflection Friday........

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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