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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prepping for Thanksgiving Number Two!

Roasting my second Turkey......ever.

Side note: I was trying to be funny about my sucky ass birthday in yesterday's post.......I actually had a blast celebrating with girl friends a few days before my birthday, my Mom took me to breakfast a couple of days before my birthday and gave me a Starbuck's gift-card, I was flooded with wonderful birthday cards and gifts all week, and Mike and Tess took me to my favorite restaurant for a birthday dinner two days I was just jacking around because Holidays and Birthdays don't mix, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Okay......Turkey scariness........

(The following was written as it happened.)

Um.....what now?

That aluminum pan scared I bought a real one with a rack. It's official.....I will be in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey for future Thanksgiving Dinners! ( Or maybe not. )

Do I cook it in that wrapping?

A few people suggested these items.......

This dude is HUGE!! I decided to take him out of that wrap because one thing I read, said to wash Tom! So I gave him a good bath in the kitchen sink....all 21 pounds! Then his neck fell out and I was like.........."oh sh*t! I forgot about that!". Then in his other end, I found a bag with some more stuff in it. Supposedly makes good gravy?

Getting him in that bag was kind of a tricky, one man job!

I'm not sure if I was supposed to put the meat thermometer in now, or later???

Well........crap! I hope Tom isn't over cooked.......I put two thermometers in at 3 hours and 15 minutes.......and they both went right to 190 degrees!!!

Tess and I shared a light lunch......
Pastry Pizza from Trader Joe's.....1/2 = 5 PPV
Apple and Carrots

(I had forgotten to eat at this point. Oops.)

The following is a tutorial of what "NOT TO DO TO YOUR TOM TURKEY!"

I stuck two thermometers in....they never work right, and I was curious what the two might say. They BOTH shot up to 190 immediately!


So I opened up the bag, and let Tom cool a bit......

Looks weird, huh? Since I was preparing this turkey on Friday for a Saturday dinner, I wasn't real concerned about it being pleasing to the eye. I just wanted to cook it and carve it a day in advance.

Then I started carving. Something's off! Why are the legs of my 21 pound turkey so small? Where is the breast? Why is the questionable breast meat so dark? Shit. Did I cook the turkey upside down? Um....uh oh. Is it done? So I was putting the thermometers basically into an empty hot cavity? Damn.

I am so glad Tess was sleeping on the couch when I was wishing she was watching me teach her how to cook a turkey. Turns out.....I don't have any idea.

Worst upside down carving job ever!

I just started ripping the meat off, wondering the whole time.....does this look pink?

Hope I don't give the entire family salmonella.

Hope I don't screw up the mashed potatoes. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that if anybody can, I can.


Met some High School friends for a beer and called it a day.

I ate fairly light today, but didn't count my PPV.


I did get in a good 30 minute walk outside though!


Thanksgiving Dinner Number Two Update.....Tomorrow!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. I have never roasted a turkey either. I do chicken sometimes and it pops and makes such a mess in the oven:( I should try those bags! Cant wait to hear how it was!