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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 goes

The day before St. Patrick's day was an awesome day! I was so pleased with the scale, and well, of course myself. St. Patrick's day was also an awesome day! My biggest concern was figuring out just the perfect outfit to go with my kick ass accessories.

I felt great about my successful week, and well, I thought I looked great! See?

As i backed out of the driveway, i was amazed that it was snowing, Bradford Pear!

So i had to snap a shot! Then I headed out with a girlfriend for a great afternoon in Kansas City in search of other stupid people, like ourselves. It didn't take long. We found a local news anchor, John Holt, and he was more than willing to put on one of our hats and say "Green Beer!"

The rest of the day was a blast! I must admit, I lost count of points throughout the day. I spent the rest of the week exercising, making smart food choices and drinking plenty of water. The scale last week was at 171.8 and I was super excited to see how much closer I had gotten to seeing 160 something on that darned scale! Friday morning came and I jumped out of bed and headed to my WW meeting! I went through my routine......pee'd, she'd any extra clothes and jewelry, exhale and step on the scale.

I don't even know what this means. I ALWAYS have a pretty good idea what the scale is going to say, but this was truly unexpected. I have been stuck in the 170's for a really long time, and weighing 169 is going to make me, quite possibly, the happiest girl in the world! So I am not quitting, and I won't until I get to goal, but this was truly a very frustrating way to start the weekend. When I get pissed, I work like a horse, so my entire house, after four days, is quite possibly the cleanest it has been since we built it, 13 years ago. I suppose something good came of it? I discovered my highschool volleyball kneepads and put them to good use while I cleaned all of the hardwood, ON MY HANDS AND KNEES,

My knees thank me.

I found this on Pinterest, and I love it because, for the most part, it is everything Weight Watchers tells us to do!

"Live the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. Oh, I know that feeling!!!! You can do it! You will do it!! Can you visualize that scale flashing 150...150....150? It is going to happen. I am sure you burned lots of calories cleaning the house. Good luck this week! You are awesome and you look awesome! And you are sooooo brave!!!!