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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I love Kansas City!

I have filled my Sunday morning with VERY important things. Facebook, thumbing through my "do it Yourself magazine", drinking coffee, mostly recovering from a long afternoon yesterday.

I went with a girlfriend to the Westport area yesterday afternoon to do a little thrift store shopping, with absolutely nothing to buy in mind, except for maybe lunch. Well, the sun was shining nicely, not a bad breeze, QT coffee in hand, lots of friendly people out and about, and really just a great Saturday afternoon. We had noticed several people walking in groups carrying putters? We assumed there must be some kind of pub crawl that we were oblivious to. There was. We were.

More on that later.

We hopped from thrift store to thrift store to antique shop meeting great people, buying nothing. Then, there it was. The high chair I have been looking for and had almost given up on! I just wanted an old wooden high chair, with a tray, not too beaten up, sturdy, that the grand kids could use when they come over, and something that would just look cute sitting around when not in use! I thought it if was too beaten up, I could do a little work on it and maybe paint it fun, animal print? But it really is perfect, as is! Big bonus? $48! They took 10% off and I was pleased as punch!

Then we head across the street to one more antique furniture shop before lunch. Those people and their putters seemed to be mulling around outside the door of the place we were headed. Great! We can get the scoop! Where's the party? We step around a few of them, the putter people, and inside the store. The nice lady and man at the door tell us the store is unfortunately closed today due to the event up stairs, but we are more than welcomed to go upstairs and buy a drink to support the Aids fundraiser and to Support the upcoming Gay Pride Walk. We then asked what the putters were for because after seeing so many people walking around with them, we thought perhaps a brawl was about to break out. The man (super cute and feminine) says...."A bunch of gay guys? Honey, the worst thing we could do is give them a little bitch slap!" I was in love. The putters were to use at each stop for the golf themed pub crawl fundraiser. Well they were super nice and we NEVER turn down a drink opportunity, so up the stairs we go! Well the room was packed! And through the crowd we see the cutest little thing (20 something male) wearing only tight purple shorts, hanging from the ceiling on a SWING! He had glitter body spray all over and was totally entertaining the crowd. He just happen to be hanging OVER the hole the pub crawlers were there to putt into! We immediately went to the bar and got a Bud Light. The only table available was a little one in the corner, so we grabbed it! We recognized the Pub Mix on the table from Costco and we were in heaven! Snacks, beer and free entertainment! Soon a lady comes over to ask us our group number, we then explain we were there by accident and really had come to shop! She welcomed us and thanked us for our support! At least five people came over to us and asked us if we were the accidental shoppers? Then thanked us for our support! We were really popular! We had five....wait....maybe six beers before we decided we needed to head home!

We signed up to volunteer the event next year!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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