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Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling sassy!

It really has been a great week! My "at home gym" that I created has really worked out much better than I had expected. I was pretty nervous about making myself work hard at home by myself. I always have known I work a little harder at the gym. I think having other people around you working hard can be really motivational, but on my quest to save some money by cutting back on a few monthly expenses, I told myself I would just do it! In order to know I am getting in a great workout, I always put on the heart rate monitor! Huge help! I am doing 60 min on the treadmill whereas before I thought 30 was sufficient. I also found a great idea on Pinterst! If you don't know Pinterst, you should!

I wrote down what i found on a legal size sheet of paper and posted it in GYM! I am amazed at my heart rate while doing these exercises! I totally suck at the knee highs, so I just run in place and bring my knees as close to my chest as possible! I watched myself in the mirror, I'm so glad I'm home alone! It was suggested to do all of these, then repeat 3-5 times. I'll work up to that. The upbeat tunes are really helpful too! Love me some Black Eyed Peas!

I exercised every day, I got all my H2O in, kept within my points, and still had a great night out with friends twice this week!

One night for dinner at home, I bought one of those marinated turkey tenderloins in the vacuum pack? I had never purchased one before, but really wanted to throw something on the grill since it was 80 degrees this week!

I made a great big salad and dinner was delicious!

Ok, I am only posting this picture because I think it's just so stinking cute! I bought a few cute colored eggs and wanted a center piece of some sort. I just took the candles out and replaced them. Cute, huh?

I had to share!

Moving on......I was really busy running all over this week, so lunch out a few times was a grocery store salad bar. Lots of veggies, a little grilled chicken, (I have learned to love my salad without cheese, amazing!), and top it off with salsa and a wee bit of sour cream. Love it. All though, this is a blurry, terrible picture, it tasted fantastic!

I try to eat light the day and night before my weigh in, so last night I had grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato. I guess I was starving, because it all tasted very gourmet. It wasn't, I was just starving! That's a T of country crock light on that broccoli, and well worth the 1 PPV it cost me.

So I decided to take my new BFF, my IPad, to my WW meeting every week from now on and take a picture at the scale. I know. Friggin crazy, huh?

I was hoping for 173 today. I stepped on the scale and took the picture.

Then I screamed......."Wait! I'm holding my IPad! Please don't record that!" Well, we all got a good laugh, then I found someone to hold it for me, then take the picture.

That Ipad weighs a LOT! YAY! So much better! I was very pleased with myself.

Looking to be down a pound a week until I get to goal! I started out at 212.

I just need to remember to have someone else hold the IPad!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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