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Friday, June 17, 2011

Um.......Uh Oh......

Well, I haven’t had a day like yesterday in a really, really long time. I totally lost all control. I let the stress of the day get the best of me. AND to make things MORE frustrating for me, I did ALL the things you are supposed to do when you want to eat out of stress. I took a walk, I called a friend (my hubby), I played with my dog, I read a magazine on the deck! Then……….I lost it. The minute I was alone in the house, I ate cheese and crackers, immediately followed by a handful of pretzels, finishing this off with a WW mini fudge bar. As I am throwing away my fudge bar stick, the oven timer goes off and I eat a piece of baked tilapia right out of the dish it was baked in, followed by two bowls of cereal (WHAT??), followed by a handful of peanuts AND a handful of  chocolate chips, followed by two very large glasses of wine! I was supposed to be saving these “Wine Points” for a wedding reception this Saturday night.  Then I filled up the third glass and headed to the bathtub!! I didn’t actually TASTE or enjoy anything I ate. I was very aware of what was happening, but honestly had no power to stop it! I felt like TOTAL crap!!

If you are a WW member, you know we have an allowance of points we can use throughout the week for whatever we would like. I kept thinking to myself, this CAN’T be more than 49 points of crap! Can it??? I really have NO idea. But probably.

So I spent my time in the bathtub reflecting…….(finishing my wine)……texting humorous (or so I thought) messages to friends. I REALLY needed a laugh. I accepted responsibility for my poor handling of the stressful day, and then sent a text to a WW member for support. Of course she said all the right things to make me feel better, and to remind me that I am human, and not perfect. Thank you Jo!

What I have learned. I have been going to WW meetings now for almost two years consecutively. I have lost 32 pounds VERY slowly. I have changed so many things about my lifestyle in general. There are going to be bumps in the road. Maybe yesterday was more of a hill. But it happened, and it’s over. To help me avoid that in the future, I will remember how crappy I felt afterwards, and take a drive, turn up the tunes, and get myself out of the house until I know I have dealt with the stress. 

Today? Make the best choices and hit the gym hard!

It’s a new day.

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  1. YAY!!! I'm so proud of you... you're an amazing person and those set backs don't define you they inspire your future!