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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OUTDATED?? Who Cares? They fit!!

There is almost nothing about losing weight that I love more than going through my closet and trying on clothes I haven't worn in years! I have a pair of jeans I keep trying on, knowing one day they WILL fit! I woke up yesterday feeling even lighter than the day before and I ran into the closet, pulled them off the hanger, and slipped into them. TA DA!! It felt sooo good. I decided no matter what the temperature on this hot summer day, I was going to wear them. When I put them on later in the day, with my tank top and flip flops, I realized they were a bit dated. And actually, they were a little low on my hips, and a little wide in the butt. So I decided to roll them up, wear them low, and pretend they were "boyfriend" jeans. I think I pulled it off. My daughter and husband said they looked great!! :)

I am also now wearing regular bra's, instead of sports bra's all day. Because I can.

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