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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recovery!! :)

Ok, I went to a meeting this morning to rejuvinate! Immediately after the meeting I went to the gym. I did 50 minutes of High Intensity cardio, 30 on the treadmil, 10 on the eliptical and 10 on the arc trainer (I think that's what it's called?) followed by weights and abs. Feel much better about myself today and I knew that I would get back on the right track, I just had to convince myself. I've had plenty of water today, a protein bar for breakfast, and lots of fruits and veggies and a WW smoothie with a little extra protein added for lunch. Planning on turkey taco's and lots of veggies for dinner!

I did go out last night with a bunch of girlfriends to a baseball game. We had lots of beers and I woke up this morning feeling swollen and again, dissappointed.

I had been doing a really good job about only drinking one or two days a week, and somehow, I seemed to have forgotten about that little rule I had made for myself. I will put that rule back in place starting immediately!

I am leaving Friday afternoon with a girlfriend to go on a float trip all day Saturday. I know that day will include lots of cold beers! I am going to pack healthy snacks to take along, and lots of water too! I plan to enjoy the beer of course, but then I will remember on Sunday that I have had my fun and pay serious attention to what I put in my mouth!

I NEED TO SEE THE 160'S!!!!!

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