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Monday, July 18, 2011

Most Difficult Blog Yet....

My last weigh in went so incredibly well. I weighed 170.8. I just KNEW that the 160's were RIGHT around the corner. And they were. But something happened. And I hate like hell to have to write about it and tell everyone. But that was the whole idea of this blog. When I get to goal and become a leader, I want everyone that is trying to lose weight to understand that if we fall, we must pick ourselves up, and go at it again. Well....I fell. I fell HARD! I am a stress eater, no doubt. I have written a bit about that. I am still learning how to deal with stress in a healthier way, but the facts are, we all have our setbacks, and we don't always handle the stress in the healthiest way. I have binged several days in the last week or so. I will admit that nowadays, my binge is on three servings of strawberries and an overload of trailmix, but none the less, a binge is a binge is a binge. And overeating even the healthiest of foods, is not good for anyone. Everything in moderation. I went to weigh in on Friday, and took the "no weigh in" pass. I just didn't want to face the number on the scale. I thought for sure that the weekend would get me back on track. It didn't. I didn't. I couldn't sleep at all last night thinking about how dissappointed I was in myself and how long it was now going to take me to see the 160's.

After a long talk with myself this morning, I know the right thing to do. Stop beating myself up, and get back at it. So that is what I am going to do. I will blog at the end of today with an update. My plan for the day is to eat the minimum that I am allowed, drink extra water, and have an awesome workout at the gym.

I think I gained FOUR pounds!!!

Irritated as heck, but facing it!

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  1. You are doing a great job... and we will have to find another outlet for you to deal with stress. Feel free to call me or text me if you need help, I'm happy to help out.. :)