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Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing In My Closet Fits!!!!!

That's right! Nothing in my closet fits!! And you know what?? I'm so happy because it's ALL TOO BIG!! So I got out my donation bag and filled it up! All of the 14's are officially OUT of the closet! The 12's are comfortable, and beginning to be a bit baggy. I did find a pair of 10 jeans the other day in the very back of the closet, and I was determined to squeeze into them. I did, and my butt really looked cute!! My daughter agreed. Well, I didn't give her much choice when I said "Doesn't my butt look cute?" But she did agree.  I think they were more spandex than denim, and I seriously have no idea where they came from or what year I bought them, but I just might wear them out of the house soon!

I did go to Target and try on a few things, just for fun. The best part of this unexpected shopping trip (I really went in for bathsoap and toothpaste), was the cute LITTLE dress I bought to wear to a party next weekend. It's a MEDIUM!! I looked at the tag three times just to make sure, AND IT IS A MEDIUM!!! I was so excited. I walked out of the dressing room and handed the lady the items I would not be purchasing, and as I handed them to her I said in my proudest loudest voice, "I WILL NOT BE NEEDING THESE LARGE ITEMS.THEY ARE A BIT TOO BIG. BUT I WILL KEEP THIS MEDIUM SIZED DRESS. THANK YOU, AND YOU HAVE A NICE DAY."

Maybe when I get to my goal weight, I'll spend a little more on my clothes??? But probably not.

I'm at 170 and still have 20 pounds to go, but my clothes are fitting like they have never fit before. Makes me LOVE the gym!

Headed there now!!

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  1. WOO HOO!!! That's amazing... keep up the good work and thanks for the chuckle :)