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Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a Losing Battle!

Bahahaha! Sometimes, I crack myself up! Get it? Losing? I am losing, and it is a battle?

Okay, fine. I am used to laughing alone. But I do have great news to report. I know that I have talked about seeing the 160's a LOT! When I see 169, I am going to cry. I just know it. I was hoping for 171 today. That would be one pound down from last week, and I would be happy. I have decided to try the one pound a week thing, since it has taken me months to get through this whole 170 thing. Maybe instead of looking at the big picture and freaking out, I will just focus on one pound at a time. I have blogged about how goal setting totally stresses me out.

I did remember to take my IPad for the "Weigh In" today. I always like to go to Nancy. She has been there awhile and always makes great conversation. Today was the first day I had to ask her to hold my IPad and take the photo. She already knows I am a goofball, so she said sure, and helped me out. Thanks Nancy!

Yahoo! Yeehaw! Yippee!

It's better than I expected! Now I am thinking, crap, i am a pound ahead, so do I shoot for maintaining this week, or do I go for another pound? How about I just follow the WW rules, and see what the results bring me? I may end up crying next week! Here's to hoping for tears!!

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  1. Wow! So freaking close! Could for you! I hope you cry next week. Hehehe.

  2. Way to go!!! I know how it feels when it seems like the scale is broken because those numbers just won't move. Yeah, I opt for some crying next week, too!!!