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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holding steady....I just know it!

Okay, I am trying not to panic. Gotta be on my best behavior so Fridays weigh in is a success.

Here is yesterday's eats.......I started with my favorite.

My oatmeal pancake......

Mixed it all up......

Instead of one big one, like I always do, I pulled my head out of my, you know what, and made three smaller ones, but different sizes so I could build a little pyramid. Can you say, "Loser?" you know you can.


It tasted as good as it looks.

Seriously, I this a lot, because I have a ton of oatmeal pancakes topped with banana, pictures.

Lunch was Taco Soup.....another love....

Dinner was kinda the same spaghetti I always make, but just a bit of a twist. I love this's a favorite for sure......kinda sweet.

But this was new......

I usually buy the Honeysuckle cooked, turkey meatballs. They are so tasty and easy when I am limited for time. Well, I was at a store that didn't carry them, and these caught my eye. I threw them on the grill. Trying not to make such a mess in the kitchen. Turkey, sweet, Italian Sausage!

The outsides got a little crispy and I loved it! I decided to cut them into bite sized pieces, and then throw them in the sauce to simmer a while. Obviously not in any big hurry tonight.

Do you have a Potwatcher? See the little glass disk in the pan?

I am not EVEN kidding. You can just put your feet up and wait until you hear this little guy clinking around.....Then you know the water is boiling.

You know it takes FOREVER for the water to boil if you just stand there and watch it!

Dinner was delicious! I will be buying the sausages again, for sure!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. The feet made me lol! Seriously made me laugh!

  2. Thanks! I figure I can help people lose weight, or at least make them giggle!