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Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Yoga Class!!

So I get this coupon about three months ago for five pilates and yoga classes for $15 dollars.....I think.....GREAT! I am needing something new, and this will be perfect! Well, after looking at the coupon in my WW book for SEVERAL weeks, I decided to challenge myself and go to the class this morning! I was really nervous I was going to make a fool of myself. My real only screw up, is that all the ladies showed up in flip flops, because, do yoga barefoot! I showed up in my shoes and socks....and I hid down the hall to take them off, and just acted as though I showed up barefoot. L O S E R.....Anyhow, the YOGA???  I LOVED it! And I don't think I did too shabby either. I will for sure attend the five classes I have the coupon for, then check out the price to continue. And I found out I can take the Pilates class before the yoga I will do that next Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm pretty cheap, my gym membership is $10 dollars a we'll see......

But Today I Feel GREAT!!!

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  1. hahahaha... too funny! Glad you found an outlet :)